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Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC)

"The Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council's (CSRIC) mission is to provide recommendations to the FCC to ensure, among other things, optimal security and reliability of communications systems, including telecommunications, media, and public safety."

CSRIC replaced NRIC


Working Groups

FCC's Network Reliability and Interoperability Council

  • Network Reliability and Interoperability Council to Hold Meeting on December 5, 2003, FCC 11/25/2003
  • NRIC Best Practices
  • CyberSecurity Best Practices
  • Subcommittee 1.B: Cyber Security
  • Homeland Defense - Recommendations Published 14-Mar-03
    Preventative Best Practices - Recommendations Published 14-Mar-03
    Recovery Best Practices - Recommendations Published 14-Mar-03
    Best Practice Appendices - Recommendations Published 14-Mar-03
    Cybersecurity Published 14-Mar-03
    Cybersecurity Published 06-Dec-02
    Cybersecurity Published 13-Sep-02

    There are no formal deliverables due at the upcoming June 13 NRIC meeting.  For this reason, and in order to maintain energy and focus on the important outreach activities, the June meeting has been cancelled.  The NRIC will meet again on September 15, 2003 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm."

    NRIC V

    Jan 2002:  NRIC V recommended that the voluntary outage trial not be continued.

  • Network Reliability and NRIC Links
  • A real audio recording of the NRIC meeting is available on the FCC website.
  • Aug 23 FCC NRIC Meeting (among other things, NRIC is engaged in a one year voluntary trial of monitoring ISP reliability).
  • National Coordinationg Center on Telecommunications (which mentions but does not elaborate on trial)
  • July 14, 1999 NRIC IV Meeting NRIC recommends one year voluntary trial of outage reporting by ISPs (and others) to the FCC.  Powerpoint presentation
  • NRIC VI Focus Group I
    Subcommitee 2
    L Scerbo Telecordia

    Y2K Interoprability Testing
    Finding #1 and Recommendation

    ISP Interoperability with Internet Backbones Networks - Gather and Analyze
    Information on Interoperability Testing Plans

    7/14/99 This "gap" was identified by the NRIC Testing subcommittee and
    reported to the President's Council on Y2K at the NSTAC meeting in June.
    The President's Council will pursue ISP interoperability with NSF and other
    agencies.  Subcommittee 2 requested to monitor results.

    10/14/99  Status:  Interoperability testing now planned between a large ISP
    and a major Internet backbone provider

    Focus Group III
    PJ Auduskevicz

    Data to be held confidential (potential FOIA exemption may be needed in
    order to facilitate participation in the voluntary trial).

    ISPs  Alert Situation Criteria:  A failure that would cause a loss of
    service to a large number of customers for 30 minutes or more.  Outage
    examples:  A DNS failure

    Focus Group III will place its proposal online for comments.  The comment
    period proposed is as follows:

    Reports posted on FCC web site                        Nov. 23
    Comment period for NRIC members               Nov. 23 - Dec. 7
    Comment period closed                         Dec. 7
    Reports revised as appropriate                        Dec. 15
    Final reports available on FCC web site         Dec. 16

    NRIC recommends assessment of the Y2K readiness of Internet Backbones. Powerpoint presentation. Slide 38.


    Best Practices

    Waking the Castle -- Cyber Security Best Practices (December, 2004)