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Cybertelecom-L and cybertelecom-announce are email discussion groups that have as their scope Federal Internet Law and Policy. Topics of discussion include (this is an old list) (this list is a little dated)

  • Broadband and Section 706
  • DSL, Cable, Fiber, BPL, Wireless
  • Network Neutrality and Open Access
  • Common Carriage
  • Cybercrime
  • Access charges
  • Enhanced Service Providers and Information Service Providers
  • Competition and negotiations with telephone companies
  • Computer Inquiries
  • Universal Service, the Digital Divide, and Community Networking
  • Privacy
  • Wiretaps and CALEA
  • VoIP
  • Internet Reliability
  • Backbones, Peering and Interconnection
  • Mergers
  • Ecommerce
  • Accessibility and Section 255
  • Notice of upcoming regulatory proceedings and how to participate
  • Pending legislation
  • If its the Federal government and its the Internet, its here!  This list is open to Internet service providers, Internet industry, Internet trade associations, public interest groups, scholars, professionals, and all other interested parties.

    Cybertelecom-l Discussion

    is a full discussion list with all participants welcomed and encouraged to post, participate, and ponder.  The discussion group includes the CyberTelecom News content from the Announce list (in other words, you do not need to subscribe to both).


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    Note: Please identify who you are when you subscribe. Cybertelecom-l prides itself in civil discourse. We attempt to keep out the spammers and those who cant play nicely. Those unable to follow the AUP will be removed.

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    List Etiquette (AUP)

    Cybertelecom-l was initiated in 1997 and has over a decade of civil and insightful discourse. We are proud of the depth, substance and respectfulness of our dialogue. We work hard to ensure that it remains that way.

  • Cybertelecom-l and cybertelecom-announce are private lists belonging to Cybertelecom.
  • Please do not cross-post discussion messages on Cybertelecom-l and other listservs. This includes posting your own blog and posting the same to the discussion group.
  • Please do not simply announce that you have posted something to your blog (if you want your Blog included in our RSS aggregation service which creates the Cybertelecom News, please contact us).
  • Please do not post third party content except as a part of fair use discussion (ie, quoting from a recent article about a recent court case, and discussing its implications is good; merely reposting articles from online newsources without discussion is not acceptable.  Participants are encouraged to forward the headline and link to the moderator for inclusion in the Cybertelecom News).
  • Participants are requested to observe proper netiquette. Flame wars and personal attacks are not tolerated. If you have been removed from other discussion groups, your request to subscribe may be denied.
  • You do not win arguments by volume. Please do not repeat your arguments over and over. Subscribers who post excessively may have their subscriptions changed to "moderated."
  • Access to the e-mail addresses of subscribers is limited to the owner and the moderator of the Listserver. This list is not available to anyone else and may not be used for any other purposes.
  • No archive of this list is authorized; no public archive is permitted.
  • Brief announcements of conference, papers, or events of interest are encouraged, otherwise distribution of commercial messages on this list is prohibited.
  • You may not harvest the email addresses from Cybertelecom-l in order to send those addresses SPAM (did I really have to say that?).
  • Discussion on the list is considered a private conversation and is off the record.  Messages may not be quoted or forwarded without the permission of the author.  Discussion may not be discussed, summarized, or otherwise analyzed in other forms or contexts.
  • Authors of email postings hold copyrights in their postings pursuant to US copyright law.  Unauthorized use of their postings may constitute copyright infringement and could constitute criminal acts.
  • All primary postings of Cybertelecom (including the Cybertelecom News, government notices, and postings of other govt material) may be freely forwarded, distributed or used - but please credit Cybertelecom for the work.
  • Cybertelecom claims no copyright in government work.
  • Pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 230(c), moderator, Cybertelecom nor anyone else is not responsible for third party content.
  • While the above terms are presented as a courtesy in order to outline appropriate netiquette, Cybertelecom reserves the right to take any action with regard to Cybertelecom-l that it deems appropriate, including but not limited to, changing individual's subscriptions to "moderated," removing individuals from the discussion group, or terminating the discussion group.
  • Please also see Cybertelecom's Disclaimer.
  • For fun, read: Want Better Online Comments? Moderate, Moderate, Moderate, Moderate. Nieman Journalism Lab. May 24, 2014
  • Thanks!


    Other Lists

    From time to time people on cybertelecom-l bring up excellent subjects that are not within the scope of this discussion group.  Fear not - simply because it is not within the scope of cybertelecom-l does not mean that there are not many other excellent lists were these subjects can be discussed.  Here are links to some of those discussion groups.  There are many many more groups out there (please let me know if you would like me to add groups to this list).
  • CA*net 3 News mailing list is a general information list on news and issues related to optical Internet networking and next generation Internet activities around the world.
  • CANARIE's General mailing list
  • Cyberia-l   (Yahoo info) "The CYBERIA-L list was started by Professor Trotter Hardy of the William and Mary School of Law to foster a discussion of the law and policy of computer communications among legal scholars, practitioners, students, and other interested parties."
  • TelecomReg "This list has been operating since October 1993 to facilitate discussion about telecommunications regulation on the local, state, and federal levels. Regulatory issues involving cable, broadcasting, telephony, and data transmission are of direct interest, as are related economic and social issues. "
  • Telecomlaw
  • Comlaw-l "Communications Law list, in partnership with the Section on Mass Communication Law of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS)"
  • Orin Kerr's Computer Crime Case Updates
  • PUBUTILSTELCOM-L "Public Utilities/Telecommunications Law"
  • Interesting People  Prof. David Farber
  • Red Rock Eaters  "These days most of the messages concern the social and political aspects of computing and networking."
  • CLECList   is a mailing list geared toward the discussion of technical and operational CLEC issues.
  • IETF General Listserv
  • NANOG general discussion group
  • Open Infrastructure Alliance email discussion group List Mom: Bruce Kushnick at teletruth
  • Open Access by Francois Menard
  • Telecom Digest (mirrored apparently at comm.dcom.telecom)
  • Municable by Neil J. Lehto
  • Weblaw Yahoo egroup by Steven Imparl,
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