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Cybertelecom-L and cybertelecom-announce are email discussion groups that have as their scope Federal Internet Law and Policy. Topics of discussion include (this is an old list) (this list is a little dated)

If its the Federal government and its the Internet, its here!  This list is open to Internet service providers, Internet industry, Internet trade associations, public interest groups, scholars, professionals, and all other interested parties.

Cybertelecom-l Discussion

is a full discussion list with all participants welcomed and encouraged to post, participate, and ponder.  The discussion group includes the CyberTelecom News content from the Announce list (in other words, you do not need to subscribe to both).


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Please note that Cybertelecom-l is Off-the-Record. The Google Groups Access setting is set to the following: "Restricted - Only members can post messages, read the archives, view the members list, create pages and upload files. Your group and its archives do not appear in public Google search results or the directory." Cybertelecom-l is set so that no archive is maintained at Google Groups.

Note: Please identify who you are when you subscribe. Cybertelecom-l prides itself in civil discourse. We attempt to keep out the spammers and those who cant play nicely. Those unable to follow the AUP will be removed.

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List Etiquette (AUP)

Cybertelecom-l was initiated in 1997 and has over a decade of civil and insightful discourse. We are proud of the depth, substance and respectfulness of our dialogue. We work hard to ensure that it remains that way.



Other Lists

From time to time people on cybertelecom-l bring up excellent subjects that are not within the scope of this discussion group.  Fear not - simply because it is not within the scope of cybertelecom-l does not mean that there are not many other excellent lists were these subjects can be discussed.  Here are links to some of those discussion groups.  There are many many more groups out there (please let me know if you would like me to add groups to this list).
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