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Complaint, at 15-16, United States v. International Bus. Machs. Corp., Civil No. C72-344 (S.D.N.Y., filed Jan. 21, 1952). See also United States v. International Bus, Machs. Corp., 1956 Trade Cas. 71,117, 71,125 (S.D.N.Y., Jan. 25, 1966) (consent decree): 

The consent decree kept IBM from offering data processing services (but it could sell the hardware to those who did offer the services)

ARPANET (IBM visibly absent from companies who bid for the ARPA contract to build the ARPANET)

Vint Cerf worked for IBM from 1965 to 1967

Computer Inquiries (Computer Inquiries can be likened to a market turf war between IBM who sold equipment to enhanced services, and AT&T who offered basic services. Neither wanted the other huge monopoly to enter their market).

NSFNET (IBM contractor supporting NSFNET)

IBM Backbone (leveraging expertise gained from NSFNET, IBM operated its own commercial backbone, which was sold to AT&T in 1999)