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  • Microsoft, U.S. Settle Passport Privacy Case, Newsfactor 8/9/02
  • Microsoft Settles FTC Charges Alleging False Security and Privacy Promises, FTC 8/9/02
  • Report: Microsoft ends .Net linchpin, MSNBC 4/10/02
  • Microsoft Has Shelved Its Internet 'Persona' Service, nyt 4/10/02
  • Microsoft Puts Hailstorm's 'My Services' on Hold, Newsfactor 4/10/02
  • MS Hits Ground Running With .NET, Internet News 1/17/02
  • Consumer Groups Demand Microsoft Show Passport, Washtech 8/24/01
  • Privacy Groups Not Satisfied With MS Passport Fixes, Inews 8/15/01
  • Groups expand XP privacy complaint, USAToday 8/15/01
  • Groups Ask FTC To Probe Microsoft Passport, XP Features, Washtech 8/15/01
  • Privacy Groups To Petition U.S. Over XP, Newsfactor 7/27/01
  • EPIC To Protest Passport Bundling With XP, ITWorld 7/25/01
  • Senator Demands Changes in Microsoft's Windows XP, Washtech 7/25/01
  • Ballmer talks .Net; McNealy scoffs, CNET 7/24/01
  • Senator calls for Investigation of Windows XP, NWFusion 7/24/01
  • Senate to hold new Microsoft hearings, USAToday 7/24/01
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  • MSN High-Speed Plans Hit By Enron, MSNBC 2/1/02
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