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GN Docket No. 10-127. Comments Due Jul. 17; Replies Due Aug. 12 .

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The Federal Communications Commission today opened a new proceeding to identify the legal approach that will best support its efforts to ensure universal access to affordable, high-quality broadband services; promote broadband innovation, investment, and competition; and protect and empower consumers. A Notice of Inquiry [What's a Notice of Inquiry?] adopted by the agency begins a public process to consider possible frameworks for addressing the high-speed connections most consumers use to access the Internet.

A recent decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit cast doubt on prior understandings about the FCC's ability to ensure fair competition and provide consumers with basic protections when they use today's broadband Internet services. Today's action begins the process of identifying the best way forward to ensure a solid and narrowly tailored legal foundation for implementing key recommendations of the National Broadband Plan -- such as refocusing the federal universal service program on promoting broadband deployment and adoption, ensuring consumers have access to relevant information about their broadband services, customer privacy, and access for people with disabilities - as well as for preserving the open Internet.

Today's Notice of Inquiry asks for public comment on issues including:

The Notice also seeks comment on the appropriate classification of terrestrial wireless and satellite broadband Internet services, as well other issues.

Comments from the public are due on July 15, 2010, and reply comments are due on August 12, 2010. The Notice of Inquiry, as well as instructions for parties wishing to provide comments to the FCC, will be available at

Action by the Commission, June 17, 2010, by Notice of Inquiry (FCC 10-114). Chairman Genachowski, Commissioners Copps and Clyburn with Commissioners McDowell and Baker dissenting. Chairman Genachowski, Commissioners Copps, McDowell, Clyburn and Baker issuing statements .

Docket No.: GN Docket No. 10-127

Released:  05/30/2014.  WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU SEEKS TO REFRESH THE RECORD IN THE 2010 PROCEEDING ON TITLE II AND OTHER POTENTIAL LEGAL FRAMEWORKS FOR BROADBAND INTERNET ACCESS SERVICE. (DA No.  14-748). (Dkt No 10-127 )  Pleading Cycle Established. Comments Due:  07/15/2014. Reply Comments Due:  09/10/2014.  WCB . pdf Word TXT

6/17/10 FCC to Seek Best Legal Framework for Broadband Internet Access.
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