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There are multiple federal legislative proposals addressing municipal broadband, likewise running the gamut of ensuring that they are permitted to declaring that they are prohibited. The Telecommunications reform proposal that was passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee in June of 2006 would prevent states from prohibiting their own municipalities from offering broadband services; municipalities who do plan to offer broadband must solicit bids for service, although they would not be obligated to accept any of these bids. [Senate Moves to Ease Muni Wifi, ZDNet June 29, 2006]

Senate Advanced Telecommunications and Opportunity Reform Act
Commerce Committee Press Release June 2006

S 2686 Communications, Consumer's Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006 (Introduced in Senate)[S.2686.IS]
Community Broadband Act - Amends the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to prohibit any state or local government statute, regulation, or other legal requirement from prohibiting any public provider from providing, to any person or any public or private entity, advanced communications capability or any service that utilizes the advanced communications capability provided by such provider. Provides safeguards, including that a public provider may not provide advanced communications capability to the public unless the provision of such capability by that public provider is subject to the same laws and regulations that would apply if the advanced communications capability were being provided by a nongovernmental entity.

S 1294 Community Broadband Act
Title: A bill to amend the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to preserve and protect the ability of local governments to provide broadband capability and services.
Sponsor: Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ] (introduced 6/23/2005) Cosponsors (5): Coleman, Feingold, Graham, Kerry, McCain
See Topic Muni Broadband
[PDF]COMMUNITY BROADBAND COALITION December 13, 2005 Dear Senator:

HR 2726 Preserving Innovation in Telecom Act of 2005
Title: To prohibit municipal governments from offering telecommunications, information, or cable services except to remedy market failures by private enterprise to provide such services.
Sponsor: Rep Sessions, Pete [TX-32] (introduced 5/26/2005)
See Topic Muni Broadband

S.1504 Broadband Investment and Consumer Choice Act
Title: A bill to establish a market driven telecommunications marketplace, to eliminate government managed competition of existing communication service, and to provide parity between functionally equivalent services. Sponsor: Sen Ensign, John [NV], Thomas 8/5/2005
See Topic Muni Broadband
Jim Baller’s response to Senator Ensign’s municipal networks provision

  • State and Local Issues and Municipal Networks Senate Commerce Committee February 14 2006






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